Spectacle Lenses

Here at Thomas Bond and Partners we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of the lenses we supply. Glazing these lenses in our own workshop ensures this high level of craftsmanship is maintained through to the finished pair of spectacles.

Nikon  Essilor Zeiss


Over the past few years lens design and technology has advanced rapidly, producing a large range of options available to you.

The most popular advances include: –

  • Higher density glass and plastic materials allowing higher prescriptions to be made thinner, flatter and lighter.
  • Coatings to increase clarity and reduce unwanted reflections and glare.
  • Photochromic, light sensitive coatings to plastic lenses, allowing a single pair of spectacles to be worn indoors and out regardless of lighting conditions.
  • New varifocal designs which soften inherent distortions, making focusing at all distances more natural, and the lenses easier to wear.

As an independent group we are not tied to any single lens manufacturer, and have the freedom to choose from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss and Transitions.



Essilor make the world’s best selling varifocal lenses – Varilux

Zeiss are well known for of the best quality lenses in the world, and we use their Progressive Plus Varifocal as a lens that gives good performance at all distances, and as a lens that is one of the easiest varifocals to adapt to. Their range of high index thin glass lenses is also one of the best available.

Nikon produce an excellent range of high index thin plastic lenses that are extremely light and easy to wear, with an excellent combined hard and anti-reflection coating.