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At Thomas Bond, eye examinations offer a complete evaluation of your vision and eye health. We leave plenty of time for every exam so that each patient can receive personalised care from our experienced team. Whether you are concerned about a certain set of symptoms or are having a routine check-up, your eye exam will look thoroughly at the health of your eyes and any recommendations you receive will be focused on you personally.


Many people can receive eye examinations free through the NHS. This includes children under 16, teenagers 16, 17 or 18 in full-time education, people aged 60 or over, people who are partially sighted or blind, people with diabetes or glaucoma and those who are at greater risk of these conditions. Get in touch with us today and we can let you know whether you are eligible for a free eye test.

The 3D OCT scans looks beneath the surface of the retina and the Optomap ultra-wide scan looks out to the far periphery of the retina. Doing both is the best way to help earlier diagnosis of eye diseases like glaucoma, macula degeneration and retinal detachment which are amongst the leading causes of blindness.


Your eyes are a vital part of your health. Looking after them gives you better well-being and helps to keep your vision in good shape.


There are many ways to look after your eyes with everything from diet to time outdoors playing a part. Whether or not you feel something is wrong with your eyes, having them tested by a professional is the only way to be sure they are healthy.


Minor eye conditions and vision loss can become more severe if left unmanaged, making regular eye testing even more important. At our independent opticians, we will do our best to help you look after your eyes in your daily life and always make sure our care reaches the highest standards.

Click here to learn more about our Enhanced Examinations.


Your eye examination will include an in-depth assessment of your vision, an eye health check and a series of questions about your history and symptoms.


Your visual assessment will look at how well you see at different distances to see if you may need a prescription to improve your eyesight. Eye health checks will look for major issues like signs of diabetes or glaucoma and minor abnormalities that may be signs of a developing condition.


Your optometrist will also discuss your eye health with you and ask you some questions about any recent symptoms, family history of eye conditions or medication you may take. Depending on your answers, they may recommend additional tests.


Private eye examination  - £44.50

Enhanced eye examination - £99.00

for NHS patients - OCT/Optomap combination - £65.00

OCT - £40.00

Optomap - £50.00

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