Contact Lens Types

Soft contact lenses

This is the most common type of contact lens worn today.  These lenses, as the name suggests, have a soft structure which makes them easy to handle and very comfortable to wear.

The new silicone-hydrogel lenses allow longer wearing times for most people.  They are particularly suitable for everyday wear, social or sports wear.

Soft lenses are now available in a large range of prescriptions – Ask your optician if you are suitable!

Soft lenses can be:

  • Daily Disposable
  •  2-weekly replacement 
  • Monthly replacement
  •  Yearly replacement



Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses are designed to correct astigmatism.  They are available in soft daily disposable, soft monthly and hard contact len designs.


Gas Permeable

These are small rigid lenses which are ideal for daily wear as they allow a much higher amount of oxygen to the front of the eye than soft lenses. 

They are especially good for:


  • Exisiting gas permeable contact lens wearers
  • High prescriptions
  • Astigmatic prescriptions
  • Presbyopic prescriptions – distance and near vision in one multifocal lens

Hard lenses offer c
lear and crisp vision to the wearer, eliminating problems with glare and distorion. 

Contact lens aftercare is extremely important for the continued health of the eye, and we encourage everybody to have a full check-up at least once a year, and more often if recommended by their optometrist.