Contact Lens Fitting

All our optometrists are qualified to fit contact lenses  and are happy to discuss your contact lens needs.                                                                                              

Contact Lense Contact Lense Contact Lense


We provide a full contact lens service including:


  • Contact lens fitting – soft and gas permeable lenses
  • Contact len instruction – teaching insertion and removal
  • Contact lens aftercare – to maintain optimum eye health 
Contact lens fitting

Your optometrist will take some measurements from the front of the eye to determine which lens you will need to be fitted with.
The lens will then be put gently onto the eye and your vision will be checked to ensure you have the correct contact lens power.
Your optometrist will then check that the contact lens is fitting you as it should to allow the best comfort and continued health of the eyes.
Contact lens instruction

Now that you have your new contact lenses, you will need to be shown how to take them out and re-insert them again.  
If you are wearing re-usable lenses we will explain how to clean and disinfect your lenses using the contact solutions supplied by us, for your contact lens trial.
Contact lens aftercare

It is essential that you have your eye health checked when wearing contact lenses.  As a new contact lens wearer, you will be asked to come back to see us 1-2 weeks after your contact lens fitting to allow your optometrist to check the fit of the lenses in your eyes and to check the health of the eyes after your contact lenses have been removed.