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If you love your eyes, your should love your lenses.  This list of tips will help you to keep your eyes healthy when wearing Contact Lenses.

  • DO have regular check up as advised by your optician
  • DO always wash and dry your hands before touching your lenses
  • DO always rub, rinse and store your monthly Contact Lenses as instructed (daily disposables should be discarded after each use)
  • DO always put in the same lens first to avoid mixing them up
  • DO check the lens isn't inside out before putting it in
  • DO check the lens isn't broken before putting it in
  • DO handle Contact Lenses carefully to avoid damaging them
  • DO put in your Contact Lenses before applying makeup
  • DO remove your lenses and then remove your makeup
  • DO keep your eyes closed when using aerosols or hairspray
  • DO replace your monthly lens case every month
  • DO throw away any out of date solutions or lenses
  • DO only wear the Contact Lenses prescribed by your optician
  • DO keep to the recommended wearing schedule and replacement frequency advised
  • DO have an up-to-date pair of glasses you can put on when not wearing your lenses
  • DON'T use tap or any type of water on your lenses or in your lens case
  • DON'T sleep in your Contact Lenses  unless advised OK by your optician
  • DON'T wear your lenses for swimming, water sports or in a hot tub unless you are wearing goggles
  • DON'T share Contact Lenses or wear any that haven't been prescribed by your optician
  • DON'T wet your lenses with Saliva
  • DON'T put in dirty Contact Lenses
  • DON'T re-use or top up soultion - throw away and replace each day
  • DON'T pour your solution into smaller bottles
  • DON'T wear Contact Lenses left in the case for more than 7 days without cleaning and rinsing in fresh solution
  • DON'T wear any lenses overnight if you are feeling unwell
  • DON'T change your monthly Contact Lens Solution unless advised by your optician
  • DON'T use any eye drops without the advice of your optician
  • DON'T continue to wear your lenses if you eyes don't feel good, look good or see well

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