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Each time you wear your Contact Lenses your should ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Do my eyes feel good all day long with my lenses in?
  2. Do my eyes look good?
  3. Do I see well?
If you answer no to any of the questions then you should leave your lenses out and see advice from your optician on what to do next.
More frequently asked questions
How should you go about buying Contact Lenses?
By law, all types of Contact Lens should only be sold if a registered optometrist or dispensing optican is supervising or involved with the process.
Prescription lenses can be sold only after a registered optometrist or dispensing optician has fitted the lenses, explained how to wear and care for them and issued a Contact Lens prescription.  The lenses can be bought from the practitioner who carried out the fitting or from another supplier provided that they have to original specification or checks it with the initial supplier.
Contact Lenses can be bought in your opticians or online, but you will need your valid in-date Contact Lens prescription and have had regular aftercare checks ups in order to buy them.
How frequently should I have a Contact Lens check-up?
Your optician will advise how often you should attend for your aftercare based upon your individual needs.  As a general rule you should be seen at least every 12 months or more often if necessary.

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